Project Evaluation and Dissemination

Our comprehensive framework and assistance for the evaluation and dissemination of your AU-EU project, will make sure that the goals you set for your AU-EU funded project are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

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Project evaluation services

The aim of the evaluation of an AU-EU project is to monitor the implementation and to propose a plan for remedial action if the goals of the project are not met. HiED undertakes the external evaluation of any kind of AU-EU project, so that you benefit with:

  • Performance efficiency – No need to develop your quality assurance/evaluation plan from scratch.
  • Management efficiency – No need to send hundreds of e-mails about the completion of questionnaires.
  • Time efficiency – The evaluation results are calculated automatically. No need for calculations and graphics.

Project dissemination & exploitation services

Once the dissemination objective and the audience are identified, HiED will help to share the developed content by:

  • Writing of the dissemination plan, exploitation and replication plan;
  • Support in networking with similar projects;
  • Design of dissemination materials (leaflet, logo, infographic, posters) and actions (newsletter, social media pages) ;
  • Design, maintenance and update of public website using the latest technologies (responsive, one page, , SEO);
  • Intellectual property management during and after the project.

In order to provide consortia with these services, HiED can be integrated as partner or subcontractor in the project, depending on the requirements and rules of the funding agency/programme.

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