Africa Clean Energy Corridor

HiED creates an enabling environment for renewable energy investments in African countries to meet local energy needs.

Today, African countries, their governments, business communities and citizens recognize that universal access to sustainable energy is a foundation pillar for sustainable growth and healthy development to ensure a future and legacy for generations to come. Renewable technologies are for African countries a crucial solution to leapfrog towards cleaner energy systems, as well as a strategy for greater sustainability.

Africa’s rapid economic expansion creates a daunting energy challenge, combined with rising expectations of improved resilience and sustainability. Finding a sustainable way to meet growing energy needs is one of the core development challenges for the continent. Africa is rich in renewable energy sources, including hydro, sun, wind and others, and the time is right for sound planning to ensure the right energy mix. Decisions made today will shape the continent’s energy sector for decades.

HiED works closely with African countries since its formation, and pursues strategic, results-oriented partnerships with African organizations and other development partners, that can lead to concrete outcomes and impact on the ground. Strong linkages to the regional programmes and initiatives have heightened synergies in the pursuit of Africa’s energy transformation.

In particular, there is an urge to:

  • Facilitate collaborations among world-class research teams from across Africa and the world with government stakeholders and industry players, to respond to specific renewable energy challenges;
  • Increasemarket readiness and market confidence through additional market reforms;
  • Expandprivate and policy dialogues paired with capacity building and technical assistance;
  • Implementing innovative business modelsable to bring development impact at scale in support of an energy transition;
  • Enhanced, action-oriented alliancesbetween African Regional governments’ institutions and international private sector actors.
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