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Since our Inception, we have implemented successful 50+ AU-EU Projects

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Horizon Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (HiED)

Africa’s leading research organization focused on promoting new and innovative ideas for AU-EU Projects.

HiED’s main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Africa’s and Europe’s most influential and groundbreaking Programmes like the HORIZON 2020 and the ERASMUS+ programmes.

We aim – to promote entrepreneurial spirit & culture in Africa and Europe.
Our Area of Expertise

Let us be your guide for the success of your AU-EU Project

Digital Transformation

We educate people and companies in the digital mentality.


Find evidence-based information on implementing inclusive education


Cross-border programme for entrepreneurial experience.

Gender Equality

Develop and implement activities that support the AU-EU’s Gender Equality agenda

Social Inclusion

Advancing Social Inclusion through Technology and Empowerment


Initiatives to connect your startups with investors, policymakers and stakeholders.
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